Senexet House

Senexet_house_postcardSenexet House is a year-round retreat center with a mission to encourage and enlarge the spiritual life of all who come to it.

In 2013, Senexet House introduced “Moments in Time” as a way to encourage the use of its lovely Victorian lakeside cottage by the vintage dance community, as well as by others whose creative and artistic pursuits could be enhanced by Senexet House’s unique historical atmosphere and natural beauty.

senexetlogo3Senexet House was built in 1886 as a Victorian “cottage”, used originally as a country home. It was converted into a retreat center by a group of Unitarian laypeople in 1932 and welcomes all religious retreats, family gatherings, counseling groups, young people’s organizations, meetings, conferences, workshops and gatherings of every kind.


IMG_1979The living room, with its lovely fireplace, is inviting and conducive to conversations and gatherings. A cozy library adjoins the living room on one side, and a chapel graces the other side. A large bright dining room is the setting for delicious meals prepared by Senexet House’s friendly staff. A screened porch provides a lovely place to sit and enjoy the fresh country air.

IMG_1739The house has eight 2-person guest bedrooms and two 4-person dormitory rooms on the second floor. Most rooms contain twin beds and a sink in the room, with ample shared toilet, shower and bathing facilities just down the hall. The house also has a first floor handicap accessible room with en suite bathroom.

IMG_1982Wireless access to the internet (WIFI) is provided in the house. Window fans are provided in bedrooms, and air conditioning is available in the first floor common areas during warm weather.

100_4995_hrSurrounding Senexet House are 11 acres of pine forest on the shores of Roseland Lake, offering guests an opportunity to enjoy peace and tranquility outdoors. Quiet walks, inspirational views and the feeling of closeness to nature uplift the spirits of all who visit the house.