Spring Centennial Days 2014

In May, Moments in Time hosted a Mother’s Day Tea, Costume Exhibit, and Ragtime Dance Weekend to celebrate the year 1914. Click on the thumbnails below to see full size photos from these events.

IMG_2259 IMG_2261 IMG_2333 IMG_2338 IMG_2337 IMG_2330 IMG_2326 IMG_2302 IMG_2321 IMG_2157 IMG_2155 IMG_2152 IMG_2145 IMG_2148 IMG_2203 IMG_2201 IMG_2200 IMG_2197 IMG_2196 IMG_2195 IMG_2205 IMG_2194 IMG_2193 IMG_2191 IMG_2187 IMG_2185 IMG_2183 IMG_2176 IMG_2172 IMG_2168 IMG_2166 IMG_2163 IMG_2160 IMG_2209 IMG_2310 IMG_2313 IMG_2317 IMG_2255 IMG_2258 IMG_2221 IMG_2217 IMG_2239 IMG_2265 IMG_2261 IMG_2216 IMG_2332 IMG_2330 IMG_2319