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The more the merrier!

The more the merrier!

As an additional way to support the mission of Senexet House, and to encourage the Moments in Time community to become involved with all the house has to offer, we are pleased to invite you to become a Senexet House Supporting Member.

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Please join us!

So many vintage dancers who have visited Senexet House over the years have fallen in love with it and asked how they can get involved. Becoming a supporting member is a wonderful way to help ensure that vintage dancers find a home at Senexet House for years to come!

What membership accomplishes

Since 1932 hundreds of spiritual, counseling, and creative groups have found a home at Senexet House. The Board of Trustees is committed to ensuring that as many groups as possible can afford to host their retreats and gatherings at Senexet House.  Especially in recent economic times, it’s sometimes a challenge to balance that goal with the demands of maintaining and improving the property to make it welcoming and comfortable to guests. The money that is raised through annual memberships helps offset rising heating costs, funds improvements such as handicap accessibility, helps to finance ongoing energy efficiency initiatives, and more.

How to Join

Membership is $50 for individuals, or $100 for households (couples and/or families with children), and is fully tax-deductible. Senexet House membership includes the following benefits:

  • Free admission to Moments in Time dance workshops
  • $5 discount on tickets to the Victorian Holiday Ball
  • $10 discount on Senexet Abbey immersion weekends, Costume Academy, and Historical Writers’ Retreats
  • 5% discount on any other  special events sponsored by Moments in Time

To become a member, please print and mail this Membership form with your payment. Thank you so much for your support!