A BALL is the only social function in America to which such qualifying words as splendor and magnificence can with proper modesty of expression be applied.
~ Emily Post, 1922


Moments in Time invites you to experience the splendor of an authentic vintage ball. Every detail, from dances and costumes to music and refreshments, will immerse you in a world that until now you may have only visited in your dreams.

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What to expect at a Moments in Time Ball

Who will be at the ball?
IMG_1577Moments in Time balls are open to the public and welcome dancers of all ages and abilities, including those who have never danced before. Our guest list at a recent ball included a preschooler and a gentleman celebrating his 90th birthday! Single ladies and gentlemen, opposite or same sex couples, students, and families with children are all welcome. Young children should be supervised and are expected to be on their best behavior.

What kind of music and dancing will there be?
NicoleBrian623Moments in Time balls feature the social dances and music that were popular in the Victorian, Edwardian, and/or Ragtime eras, or roughly the mid 1800s through the early 1920s. Dances may include set dances such as quadrilles and contra dances, as well as couples dances such as the waltz, galop, schottische, mazurka, polka, foxtrot, tango, and one step. The music is performed live by musicians who are highly skilled at playing in a ballroom setting.

How can I learn the dances?
IMG_1880Most balls will include a free workshop on the afternoon of the event. This is where new dancers can get an introduction to basic steps and dancers of all experience levels can learn or review specific dances that will be featured in that evening’s program.

For those in the Connecticut area, Moments in Time also offers several classes and workshops throughout the year. More details can be found on our dance workshops page.

What should I wear?
_8155237Balls are special occasions where formal dress is a must. What “formal” means is open to interpretation. The majority of dancers at a Moments in Time ball are likely to wear historical formal dress of varying degrees of authenticity. More information on putting together a historically inspired costume can be found on our resources page. Others will choose to wear modern evening dress, which includes suits and ties for gentleman and dresses (or formal menswear) for ladies. We do ask that ladies refrain from wearing very short skirts to help us maintain the illusion of a period ballroom.

Will there be food?
IMG_1896A refreshment break is included half way through the ball when a selection of savory and sweet foods and punch will be served. Ice water is provided throughout the evening. We make an effort to provide some nut-free and gluten-free food options. Please contact us before the ball if you have specific allergy concerns.